Welcome to our store

Welcome to our store

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Vega Díaz Shop Online is an e-commerce created for the online distribution of leading brands in the decoration sector.
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In our store you will find all types of indoor and outdoor taps, wallpapers and murals, tapestries, ecological paints and painting supplies.
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In kitchen, bathroom or outdoor spaces, taps are an important element, so the choice must be in accordance with our tastes and needs. GRIZASA has a wide range of possibilities, functional and aesthetic elements, and with finishes in all colors, which add added and exclusive value to the taps, making your space a clearly differentiating place.


EcoPaints Coordonné is the new line of 100% ecological Mediterranean-inspired paints for walls, ceilings and furniture.
COORDONNÉ Wallpapers

COORDONNÉ Wallpapers

Coordonné has its own line of manufacturing wallpapers and murals of the highest quality in different finishes, guaranteeing a fast and personalized service that adapts to the requirements and deadlines of each project, also respecting the environment.
COORDONNÉ tapestries and cushions

COORDONNÉ tapestries and cushions

A heavenly way to cover your home with noble fabrics. Irresistible tapestries and cushions.
TINAJERO Brushes & rollers

TINAJERO Brushes & rollers

TINAJERO is a manufacturer of painting tools with more than 60 years of experience in the sector. It stands out for the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality brushes and rollers for guaranteed use by professionals and individuals.
REDUCED in stock

REDUCED in stock

Section where you will find various stock items in our warehouse at discounted prices. Everything available while supplies last

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The most common qualities on the market are: Non-Woven / Non-Woven Fabric (N), Vinyl (V), Contract, Natural Fibers (Raffias), Metallized: Gold (G) and Silver (S), Linen (L ) and Silk (SK). Although the most common and sold in our store is Non-Woven, we also incorporate some Vinyl collections. Depending on quality, roll width, texture, composition, hanging or installation, and price, everything will vary. We are always innovating and will continue to incorporate new bases or wall covering substrates.
The main difference lies in the texture and washability. The Non-Woven (N) quality is washable and has a completely smooth and matte texture. The Vinyl (V) quality is extra washable, thanks to a PVC outer layer, and has a grainy texture. The quality (N) is 100% ecological.
The Non-Woven quality is the most popular because it is 100% ecological, it is extra matte, it is cheaper than the other qualities and it is also washable and fireproof.
Absolutely, yes. Vinyl (V) quality is the best option for this use, since it is more washable and has greater thickness and resistance than Non Woven (N). We recommend this quality for bathrooms and kitchens since they are areas that tend to experience greater wear and tear. Quality (N), however, can also be used in bathroom and kitchen areas that are not in direct contact with water and that have good ventilation or little humidity condensation (water vapor from the kitchen).
There is powder glue and ready-made glue that is mixed with water. It is a type of glue specific for wall coverings and is found in hardware stores or paint and decoration stores. There is also a cellulose glue for light wallcoverings and a glue for heavy wallcoverings. The difference between them lies in the composition and resistance. We always recommend reading the instructions on the rolls before hanging them to decide whether to buy one type of glue or another.
Placing wall covering is not a difficult task, but it does require organization, some simple tools, and some extra time. A tape measure is essential to correctly measure the wall or walls and to calculate the amount of wall covering you will need, as well as to measure the height of the panels. A brush or a roller, whichever you prefer. Some prefer the roller because it can ensure that the surface sticks more evenly, and some find it more cumbersome to hold and dip a regular paintbrush into a bucket of glue. The important thing is that both should have a width of 10-15 cm, for time efficiency more than anything. Glue to apply to wall covering, it can be powder or already prepared. The type of glue varies depending on the quality of the wall covering: non-woven; vinyl, contract; metal; silk; natural fibers... Therefore, it can be cellulose glue or heavy wallcovering glue and it is essential that you use the correct one in each case. You will also need to check the instructions to see if the glue should be applied to the wall or siding. A spatula to remove air bubbles. You can use a Tupperware lid or another homemade invention, the important thing is that you can gently smooth out any bubbles on the surface. A damp cloth to clean the wall covering, although cellulose glue does not dirty or damage the paper (except delicate natural raffia papers). A Stanley knife to cut off excess coating. The length should always be calculated slightly longer than the ceiling height. The covering should never be cut to the exact height of the wall, but should be added at least 5 cm more, as walls are often uneven. Roller for joints. It is not essential, but we recommend it because it helps increase the adhesion of the joints between panels. Kraft paper to protect the floor. Another non-essential item, but if this is your first time hanging a wallcovering, it's easy for the glue to drip onto the floor. This material will save you cleaning time at the end of the hanging process. Additionally, the paper usually includes a roll of decorator's tape, making it very easy and quick to apply. Plumb line or spirit level to check that the wallcovering is straight and not at an angle. --> In our JAR TOOLS >> WALLPAPER KIT and PROTECTIVE PAPER section you will find everything you need to install papers.
Paint for interior walls and ceilings (what we call Matt Interiors) and paint for interior and exterior wood and metal surfaces (what we call Eggshell).
Because it has the following certifications that guarantee the sustainability of the entire paint manufacturing cycle (selection of raw materials, manufacturing, packaging and recycling): Eurolabel, Breeam, Leed and A+.
Yes, to give it more performance. Both Matt Interiors and Eggshell paint can be thinned with water. Before doing so, check the technical data sheet for the correct percentage of water.
For both Matt Interiors and Eggshell we recommend applying two coats. Always allow drying time between the application of each coat, following the instructions in the technical sheet that you will find on the website.
No, because the paint required on a radiator has to withstand very high temperatures. When we talk about wooden and metal surfaces in Eggshell quality, we are not referring to iron or the heating metal of radiators, but to door and window frames, for example.
It is not recommended as it is less durable and will not last over time. In any case, the decision depends on the degree of exposure of the space to be painted. A covered porch or terrace is not the same as the façade of a house, where exposure to the elements is very high.
Both tools are suitable, although the percentage of dilution in water varies. Consult the product sheet.
To achieve the water savings that we are looking for in the home, it is very important to choose the most appropriate faucet. Options such as single-lever faucets, thermostatic and electronic faucets are some of the most prominent currently. Single-lever faucets are considered ecological, since they allow you to regulate both the amount of water and the temperature easily and with one hand. In this way, we can open the tap depending on our needs and thus easily save water. Additionally, these are very durable faucets. Thermostatic faucets allow you to choose the desired water temperature and their thermosensitive materials expand or contract based on the selected option. In this way, by eliminating the temperature adjustment phase, these types of faucets save more and waste less hot water than more conventional single-lever faucets. As for electronic faucets, they are a very common option in places such as bathrooms in restaurants, shopping centers, hotels, airports, etc., and they are also beginning to appear more and more in homes. They work with infrared, so that when you place your hands under the spout, they detect them and let the water flow automatically and without having to do anything. Those used in the home also have a system that allows the temperature to be regulated before activating the water flow. At Vega Diaz Shop Online, as specialists in the sale of bathroom and kitchen taps, we also recommend changing some habits in order to achieve greater savings, such as opting for the shower instead of taking a bath, taking short showers, closing the faucet while not in use, etc.
At Grizasa they always recommend using neutral disinfectant soap to properly clean the faucets, and using a soft cloth to do so. It is very important to take this into account, since the use of alcohol, solvents or any other abrasive or corrosive cleaning product can damage them, and damage due to incorrect cleaning and maintenance is what we keep in mind when it comes to covering the guarantee of all our products. In fact, in your guarantee certificate, we inform in detail how some defects such as “Improper maintenance, both internal and external, the latter derived from cleaning or contact with inappropriate or abrasive product, are excluded from the service.”
You will have already seen it in a good number of bathrooms and you will have noticed that they multiply at the same rate at which bidets are disappearing. The latter has fallen into disuse and more and more people are removing it from the design of their bathrooms. But why has the toilet faucet gained so much ground in such a short time? What are the advantages that have allowed you to succeed? At Grizasa we have a long history in the sector, which allows us to point out the main benefits of one of the new references in hygiene and its progress: Bidets are out of fashion: The popularization of showers and bathtubs, which have their space in every home, has left bidets in disuse in recent years, which have become out of fashion. Their presence is no longer mandatory in new constructions, as it was for years, and they are seen less and less. Functionality and design: The toilet faucet fulfills its hygienic purpose and is very functional. But not only that. Currently, all types of models are manufactured, matching the rest of the taps, which has become a safe bet in terms of design. Gain space for your bathroom: Bidets take up a large space in the bathroom that, by dispensing with this type of items, is free to facilitate mobility or to place other elements such as furniture or a basket for dirty clothes, for example. . For all these reasons, the toilet faucet is gaining positions. Something that has allowed fewer and fewer people to refer to this gadget as an innovation to apply in the future. Its implementation continues to grow, it has become a firm substitute for the bidet and has gained popularity thanks to the comfort it offers. If you also want to incorporate it into your home, do not hesitate to contact us. We have a wide variety of models and we can help you choose the one that best suits you.
– Single lever: system that regulates the water temperature and its intensity in flow, with the movement of a single lever. It involves greater water consumption until the desired temperature is obtained. – Thermostatic: the main feature of these faucets is that they allow you to select the desired temperature by default. Some include a safety mechanism that blocks the water outlet at 38°C.
Single-lever or two-lever Depending on the type of design that we like the most, we can find single-handle or two-handle faucets. The latter were the ones used in the past, but today many people choose them if they want to give their kitchen a more old-fashioned look. The single-lever ones easily regulate the water flow and control hot and cold water; Due to their comfort, they are usually the most in demand currently. Precisely being able to better regulate the water output means that it saves more on water consumption, especially if you are going to mix hot and cold water. Therefore, one of the first aspects that should be taken into account when determining which faucet to buy is whether you want a single-handle or two-handle faucet. Which faucet spout to choose It is also very important to determine the type of spout that we want to purchase based on the uses that we will usually give it in our kitchen. For customers looking to fill large containers (pots, buckets, jugs...), it is recommended that they opt for a high spout. It must also be taken into account that the type of spout must be related to the size of the sink, since, if it is small or the use of large containers will be occasional, you can opt for a removable spout. How to choose a kitchen faucet? Pipes that allow flexibility and mobility are very useful depending on the uses we want for our kitchen; many allow a length of up to a couple of meters. We also find another type of kitchen tap with less common spouts but which can be very practical depending on the needs of the customers, such as those with horizontal spouts or those with pedals. The latter are practical to avoid dirtying the tap while cooking, since you can simply open the flow using a pedal on the floor.